History Degrees
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A. A. Degree
The degree provides students with a foundation in the science of historical inquiry. After completing the program requirements, students will gain an understanding of the methodologies and schools of interpretation utilized by historians to study the past. Students will also demonstrate knowledge of the primary cultural, economic, intellectual, political, social, and diplomatic institutions of the United States and the world. Competencies will be assessed through the evaluation of student term papers and projects, essays, and regularly scheduled examinations.


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Effective Fall 2010, History number changes 101(1A), 102(1B), 105(18A), 106(18B), 108(9), 110(16A), 111(16B), 112(17), 128(8), 129(27), 143(22), 145(37), 154(19), 162(5A), 163(5B), 165(25), 175(14A),176(14B), 177(30), 183(12A), 184(12B)