Political Science Faculty Directory
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Faculty Directory

Dial 310-660-3593 then enter the extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach

Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Location Email Website
Casper, Josh 3757 SOCS 116 jcasper@elcamino.edu  N/A
Houske, Laurie 3741 SOCS 109 lhouske@elcamino.edu Homepage
Munoz, Eduardo 3740 SOCS 109 emunoz@elcamino.edu Homepage
Reed, David 3750 SOCS 116 dreed@elcamino.edu  N/A


Spring 2020 Part-Time Faculty

Name Extension
Office Location Email Website
Chaney, Van  4806 ARTB 320 vchaney@elcamino.edu   N/A
Cranon-Charles, Angela 4348 ARTB 320 acranoncharles@elcamino.edu  N/A
Flor, Paul - ARTB 320 pflor@elcamino.edu  N/A 
Georges, Joe - ONLINE ONLY jgeorges@elcamino.edu  N/A
Gonzales, Steven - ARTB 320 sgonzales@elcamino.edu N/A
Gordon, Austin - ONLINE ONLY agordon@elcamino.edu  N/A
Jun, Christine - ARTB 320 cjun@elcamino.edu N/A
Klein, Thomas - ONLINE ONLY tklein@elcamino.edu  N/A
Striepe, Karl 4571 ARTB 320 kstriepe@elcamino.edu N/A