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Personnel Title IX Training

Personnel Title IX Training

Title IX Training

7/27-29/20  Jaynie Ishikawa attended the Academic Impressions Virtual Conference: Comprehensive Strategies for Title IX Coordinators: Institute and Certificate.

10/1/2020  Claire Langeveldt and Amanda Webb attended Maxient Title IX training.

10/21-11/13/2020  Jaynie Ishikawa and Claire Langeveldt attended the ACHRO EEO 2020 Fall Training Institute:

  • October 22, 2020, How to Effectively Prioritize & Implement New Title IX Regulations
  • November 12, 2020 Title IX – Oh No! Everyone is Doing it Differently Than Me – But Wait…That’s Okay!

11/9/20  Jaynie Ishikawa and Claire Langeveldt attended the Region 8 Title IX Coordinators Quarterly Meeting.

Academic Impressions Online Title IX Workshop Series:

  • 7/9/20 Jaynie Ishikawa and Claire Langeveldt attended Hearings and Sanctions.
  • 7/23/20 Jaynie Ishikawa and Claire Langeveldt attended The Appeal Process.
  • 8/6/20 Jaynie Ishikawa attended Ongoing Training Needs for Investigators and Decision Makers.

1/26-29/21 Ross Miyashiro attended T9 Mastered Training for Hearing Officers.

2/10/21 Claire Langeveldt attended Title IX Training Provider Informational Webinar, Student Conduct Institute and the California Community Colleges, SUNY Student Conduct Institute.

3/24-25/21 Claire Langeveldt attended Academic Impressions Advanced Title IX Investigator Training and Certification.


Title IX Training
8/15/19 Anne Chua attended the T9 Mastered Investigator Training – Title IX and Sexual Misconduct, Long Beach, CA.
9/6/19 Jaynie Ishikawa attended Title IX Investigator Training at Santa Monica College by Liebert Cassidy Whitmore.
11/8/19 Anne Chua attended the Regional Title IX Coordinator’s Meeting, Fullerton College.
12/2/19 Jaynie Ishikawa attended the NACUA Title IX Coordinator Training Online Course Seminar.
1/14/20 Jaynie Ishikawa attended the Region 8 – Title IX Coordinators Meeting, Mt. San Antonio College.
4/2/20 Jaynie Ishiawa attended Title IX Training in a Remote Era (Get Inclusive, via Zoom).
5/13/20 Jaynie Ishikawa and Ross Miyashiro attended Conducting Remote Hearings – Ensuring Consistency, Competence, and Compassion, T9 Mastered.
6/3/20 Jaynie Ishikawa attended T9 Mastered – New Title IX Regulations: Considerations and Next Steps for Your Campus.
Academic Impressions Online New Title IX Regulations Workshop Series
6/4/20 Jaynie Ishikawa attended Review of the Title IX Coordinator Role.
6/11/20 Jaynie Ishikawa attended Responding to Complaints of Sexual Harassment and Terminology Definitions.
6/18/20 Jaynie Ishikawa and Claire Langeveldt attended The Investigative Process.
*Training material may be proprietary and unable to be published here. Please reach out to the training institute for access to materials.