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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees governs on behalf of the citizens of the El Camino Community College District.

Board meetings are scheduled monthly and are open to the public.View Meetings

The Board of Trustees is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities to represent the public interest by establishing policies for current and long-range academic and facilities plans and programs that are consistent with the institutional mission and development of the College.

View the Board of Trustees Goals and Priorities 2021-22.


El Camino College is governed by the five members of the El Camino Community College District Board of Trustees. Each is elected for a four-year term. A non-voting student member is elected annually by the student body, with a term of office for one year commencing June 1.


Kenneth A. Brown

Trustee Area 1
Term Expires: 11/2024


Trisha Murakawa

Trustee Area 3
Term Expires: 11/2024  


Nilo Vega Michelin

Trustee Area 2
Term Expires: 11/2026


Katherine Steinbroner Maschler

Trustee Area 4
Term Expires: 11/2024


Clifford Numark

Trustee Area 5
Term Expires: 11/2026  


Sidney Lee 

Term Expires: 6/2023
Academic Year

Board Meetings

Board meetings are scheduled monthly and are open to the public. View the schedule of meetings.

All meeting agendas are available online.