Office of Workplace Safety and Risk Management

As a part of the Administrative Services Team, the Risk Management office supports the mission of the college by protecting students, the general public and employees, and public assets against the adverse effects of accidental loss, at reasonable costs, so the District can provide needed services even after a catastrophic event.

In Case of Emergency

  • Dial 9-1-1 or use a campus “Code Blue” emergency phone located throughout the campus grounds. (View Map)
  • From a mobile phone, call 310-660-3100.
  • Text 9-1-1 is also available if you are unable to make a phone call.

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Work-Related Injury

Employees or Vocational Students enrolled in a Vocational Program such as EMT, Fire Academy, Nursing, Paramedic, Police Academy, Radiology or Respiratory Therapy, and who sustained a Non-Life Threatening work-related injury should contact Company Nurse:  877-518-6702, using El Camino College Code:  SCC04.  

When an individual(s) contacts Company Nurse and medical treatment is required, Company Nurse will automatically send the injured individual(s) a Temporary Pharmacy Card with referral form to one of the District's Front Line Medical Providers at the individual's choosing. The medical provider will provide the injured individual with a copy of their Temporary Pharmacy Card . 

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  Employees or Vocational Students enrolled in one of the Vocational Programs, as listed above, and who sustained a work-related injury or illness, should not seek treatment at the Student Health Center.

View FAQ if employee(s) ask "Why do I have call Company Nurse?"

Academic Student Accident/injury Reporting Process

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The State of California Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Program includes all public employees impressed into service by a person having authority to command the aid of citizens in the execution of his or her duties during a state of war, a state of emergency, or a local emergency.

As public employees, El Camino Community College District employees are DSWs.  Examples of emergencies for which El Camino Community College District employees may be called upon to help as DSWs include fire, flood, earthquake, or public health emergencies. In an emergency, non-essential public employees (those that are not required for continuity of operations) may be released from their usual duties so that they can be reassigned to assist any agency or organization carrying out its emergency response duties.  Employees acting as DSWs will be assigned duties within their scope of training, skill, and ability.  Examples of DSW responsibilities include:

  • Registering people at a shelter or mass prophylaxis clinic
  • Translating for non-English speaking individuals
  • Acting as a messenger at a designated site
  • Serving food to emergency staff or to vulnerable populations
  • Answering phones


ADA Compliance Officer

Justin Lising
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