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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn college basics and get answers to common Dual Enrollment questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dual Enrollment offers high school students who have completed the 10th grade the opportunity to complete college coursework while attending high school.

Dual Enrollment provides transfer pathway and career education courses for high school students capable of advanced work and is not intended as remedial or makeup work.


El Camino College allows Dual Enrollment to students who have successfully completed the 10th grade or to students currently in 11th or 12th grade.

Students are eligible for Dual Enrollment beginning the summer term after they complete 10th grade. Students are no longer eligible for Dual Enrollment after completing the 12th grade.


Students in grades K-10 may be eligible for Dual Enrollment under limited circumstances.

Students in grades K-10 must receive Division Dean Approval from the appropriate academic division to take college classes. For example: to take a foreign language course, a K-10 student must receive approval from a Humanities Division dean.

NOTE: Some academic divisions limit Dual Enrollment to only students who have completed the 10th grade. Division Dean Approval does not guarantee a seat in a class. Students in grades K-10 are required to meet all course prerequisites and complete the registration process.


Please see the Course Restrictions page for a complete list of course restrictions by academic division and by grade level.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that gives parents certain rights with respect to their children's education records. When a student turns 18 years old or enters a post-secondary institution at any age, all rights afforded to parents under FERPA transfer to the student.

For this reason, El Camino College can only provide information pertaining to a K-12 student's application, registration, etc., directly to the student regardless of age.


El Camino College has two main terms, the Fall and Spring semesters, which are 16-weeks long (with some 8-week classes). We also offer a Summer term with two 6-week sessions and one 8-week session, and a 5-week Winter term.

Important dates for each term can be found on the Academic Calendar. K-12 students must submit a completed Dual Enrollment Application form for each term (fall, winter, spring, summer) they wish to dual enroll.


El Camino College courses are identified by subject and number, i.e. History 102 or Psychology 101. Complete course details, including title, description, number of units, and CSU/UC transferability can be found in the Catalog.

A class section (or just "section") is a particular offering of a course during a given term. Every class section is identified by a unique section number, i.e. HIST-102-1234 or just 1234. Class sections offered, including start/end dates, location, meeting days/times, assigned faculty, and number of seats available, can be found in the Class Schedule.

When you submit a Dual Enrollment Application form, you are requesting permission to register for any section of the course(s) listed on your form offered during the indicated term.


Dual Enrollment is limited to two (2) courses per term. K-12 students need permission from their high school and approval from the El Camino College Registrar to enroll in more than two courses.

K-12 students are limited to a maximum of 11 units in fall and spring terms, and 7 units in summer terms. Winter is limited to 1 course only.


Some sections of English 1A and Mathematics 80, 120, 130, 150, 170, and 180 are linked to a required 1- or 2-unit support section, i.e. English 1AS, Math 80S, Math 120S, etc.

Students who place into English 1A + 1AS or Mathematics ____ + ____S must take both courses together. Each "requisite" support section is linked with a specific "parent" section taught by the same instructor.

Any linked class sections are identified when viewing Section Details in the Class Schedule:

Requisite support section example

A complete list of Corequisite/Parent Courses by term can also be found on the Class Schedules webpage.

K-12 students can register for a section with a linked support section, but must commit to taking both classes. K-12 students must also have permission on their account for both the parent course and the support course in order to register, and can email to add this permission. (This additional permission does not count against the course limit for a term, but does count against the unit limit.)


Enrollment fees and other per-term fees are waived for K-12 students who dual enroll in courses listed on their submitted Dual Enrollment Application form.

K-12 students enrolling in El Camino College classes are responsible for purchasing any required textbooks/instructional materials and optional parking permit. You can use the Online Bookstore to look up required textbooks/materials by class section.

Some class sections use only open or free textbooks, or other no-cost instructional materials. These classes are marked as ZTC$ for Zero-Textbook Cost in the Class Schedule, or you can View Open Classes and apply a filter to only see ZTC classes.


K-12 students must first apply for admission to El Camino College. (K-12 students who miss consecutive fall and spring terms will need to apply for admission again to reactivate their existing account.)

K-12 students must also submit a completed Dual Enrollment Application form for each term (fall, winter, spring, summer) they wish to dual enroll. We've created instructions to help complete the Dual Enrollment Application form using Adobe Acrobat Reader or by printing and scanning.

We are currently accepting completed Dual Enrollment Application forms via email. Please email completed forms with all drawn (not typed) signatures as an attachment to

Applying to El Camino College and submitting a Dual Enrollment Application form does not guarantee a seat in a class. K-12 students are required to meet all course prerequisites and complete the registration process. 


While there is no deadline to complete the Steps for Dual Enrollment, K-12 students are subject to the date that Registration Ends, Last Day to Add Classes, Last Day to Drop Without Notation, Last Day to Drop with a “W” and other deadlines for each term, as found in the Academic Calendar.


Student accounts are typically created one to three business days after students apply for El Camino College. (This can take longer if an application is not complete and/or missing identifying information.)

It can also take one to three business days to process a Dual Enrollment Application form once it is received. (This can take longer during peak times, like the start of a term.)

The time it takes for Prerequisite Clearance will vary depending on the method used. Students who complete the English and Mathematics Placement Survey typically have English and/or math placement added to their account within one to two business days.

In general, the earlier a student completes Steps 1-3 of the Steps for Dual Enrollment, the sooner they will be able to register for classes.


Students are sent a Welcome Email with their El Camino College Student ID Number (7 digits, no letters) and MyECC login information one to three business days after they apply to El Camino College for the first time.

If you did not receive your Welcome Email after three business days:

  • Please check your email's spam/junk folder.
  • If you still cannot log into MyECC, please email us at from the email address provided on your application for admission. Please provide your full name, date of birth, and El Camino College Student ID Number (if you know it).


It's important to remember that your application for admission is used to create your student account. This account will allow you to register for classes beginning the term for which you applied, as well as future terms.

However, this application for admission would not allow you to register for prior terms.

For example, students who apply for Spring 2022 can register for classes offered during Spring 2022 and following Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 terms, but not previous Winter 2022 or Fall 2021 terms.

In order to register for a prior term, you will need to apply for admission again using your existing OpenCCC account.


Some courses have a Prerequisite which requires students to have passed a previous course (or equivalent class/test) before they can register.

11th-12th grade students can complete the English and Mathematics Placement Survey in MyECC to receive math placement on their account. 12th grade students can receive English placement from this survey as well. Students in grades K-10 receive prerequisite clearance from a dean at the time they obtain Division Dean Approval. 

K-12 students with AP Exam scores of 3, 4 or 5, or CAASPP scores of "standards exceeded" can show them to an Express Counselor or submit the online prerequisite clearance form.

For math clearance above MATH 190, email AP Exam scores or other college transcripts to

NOTE: Courses with a Recommended Preparation advise that students have passed a previous course, but it is not a requirement to register.


New, incoming college students are encouraged to complete the steps of financial aid, orientation, and educational planning before registering for classes.

High school students taking courses through Dual Enrollment do not complete these steps.


K-12 students can register for El Camino College classes online using MyECC on or after their Registration Appointment date and time. Registration priority is given to new, continuing, and returning college students first, and then K-12 students.

K-12 students must have submitted a completed Dual Enrollment Application form and met any course prerequisites prior to registering for classes. K-12 students can only register for courses listed on their submitted Dual Enrollment Application form after it is processed.

NOTE: Students participating in High School Partnership Classes will be be manually registered by the El Camino College Admissions & Records Office once Dual Enrollment Application forms are received and processed.


K-12 students wanting to register for a different course subject than those submitted on their Dual Enrollment Application form (i.e. change from Mathematics 170 to History 102) must submit a new completed Dual Enrollment Application form. This new Dual Enrollment Application from will overwrite the previous form your account.

K-12 students looking to register for a different course number (i.e. change from Mathematics 170 to Mathematics 150) can email to request this change.


Students can see the class sections they are registered for using MyECC. In the Self-Service Menu, click Registration, then click My class schedule.


After registering, students can check their account balance in MyECC. In the Self-Service Menu, click Financial Information, then click View Account and Make Payments. K-12 Dual Enrollment students who have completed the steps above should see the message "No account balance to pay."

Students can use the Online Bookstore to look up required textbooks/instructional materials for their classes. Books and materials can then be purchased through the El Camino College Bookstore or a third-party vendor.

After registering for an online class, students will have a Canvas account created for them automatically (usually overnight). Make sure you can sign into Canvas before the start of the class.

Check your email address regularly, as this is where all official communication from El Camino and/or your instructors will be sent. You can even add your email address to your smart phone/mobile device.

Lastly, make sure to review the El Camino College Academic Calendar to learn important information about the term, including the Last Day to Drop Without Notation on Permanent Record and Last Day to Drop with a 'W' should you need to drop a class.


Students looking to register in a section that is "waitlisted" will see a button to join the waitlist (instead of to register). If seats in the class become available before the term begins, then waitlisted students are moved onto the active roster in waitlist order. After the term begins, the only way to enroll in a class is with an Add Code provided by the instructor.

K-12 students must have a Dual Enrollment Application form on file for the term and have met any course prerequisites to be added to the roster.

Sections can also show the status "waitlist full" or "closed" when the class capacity and the waitlist (usually 10 students) are full.


This is also in MyECC. In the Self-Service Menu, click Registration, then click Manage My Waitlist.


After a term begins, students can no longer waitlist or register for full-term classes, or be automatically added from the waitlist. Instead, students seeking to enroll in an online class that has already begun need to email the instructor to obtain an Add Code. Instructors' email addresses are visible in MyECC when using the Registration > Search for Classes tool in MyECC, or by searching the Faculty & Staff Directory.

Students must use the Add Code in MyECC before the Last Day to Add for the term. K-12 students must have a Dual Enrollment Application form on file for the term and have met all course prerequisites to be able to add the class.


Online classes are delivered using Canvas, El Camino's Learning Management System.

Canvas accounts are created only after a student is registered for an online class (usually overnight).

A link to the Canvas Resources page is provided at the top of every El Camino College webpage. Use the Canvas Login Page link on that page to sign into Canvas with your MyECC username/password. There are also links available to help familiarize you with Canvas.

Registered online classes will appear in Canvas on the first day of the class. (Some classes may be available up to seven days prior to the class start date, depending on the instructor.)


Students can go to directly to and sign in with their MyECC username/password to access their email in Office 365.

Students can also add their email address to their smart phone/mobile device.


Yes, K-12 students can drop from a class in MyECC (in the Self-Service Menu, click Registration, then Drop Classes).

K-12 students registered in El Camino College classes are subject to the same deadline dates for dropping a class as college students. View the Academic Calendar to learn the Last Day to Drop Without Notation and Last Day to Drop with a "W" for each term.

View Grading Policies for more information about the "W" (Withdrawal) notation and El Camino College grades and grade point average.


Grades are available in MyECC after the term. In the Self-Service Menu, click Academic Profile, then click Grades

Students can view their unofficial transcript in MyECC by clicking the Unofficial Student Transcript link under Web Services. (Past students who have lost access to MyECC can also Request Unofficial Transcripts.)

Official transcripts need to be ordered online from the Transcripts webpage.


El Camino College grants college credit (only) for completed courses. Grades earned will be listed on your El Camino College college transcript and may impact your future college grade point average (GPA).

K-12 students should consult their high school counselor and/or school district policy on enrolling in college classes to earn high school credit or dual credit. Any and all high school credit granted for completing El Camino College classes is determined and granted by the high school.


K-12 students must earn and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or greater at El Camino College to continue as a Dual Enrollment student.


Yes, accommodations for K-12 students are coordinated between your high school and El Camino College's Special Resource Center. Students can contact (310) 660-3295 or to learn more about this process.


Yes, homeschooled students can take classes through Dual Enrollment, but must include a signature from any affiliated public/private/umbrella school in Section III: Principal or Designee Course Recommendation, OR (if a parent signs in Section III) include a copy of the student's Private School Affidavit filed with the California Department of Education.


Yes, undocumented students can enroll in classes through Dual Enrollment. El Camino College exempts special admit part-time students from non-resident fees.


Yes, but F1 and F2 visa holders will need to pay Non-Resident Tuition Fees for courses offered at El Camino College. Enrollment fees and other per-term fees are waived.


El Camino College has Dual Enrollment partnerships with over 20 local high schools. Please see Dual Enrollment in High School Partnership Classes for more information.


Yes, K-12 students can take classes at El Camino College and High School Partnership Classes during the same term, but are still limited to two classes (unless approved for more) and 11 units overall.


If you will be attending El Camino College after high school, make sure to use your previously-created OpenCCC account to apply for admission again as a first-time student in college (after leaving high school) for the term after you graduate (typically the summer or fall term for students graduating in the spring).

NOTE: Do not create a second OpenCCC account. If you do not remember your OpenCCC username or password, use the tools to recover your existing account or call or email CCCHelp.

After you apply again, your El Camino College Student ID Number and MyECC account will remain the same, but as a First-Time College Student you will no longer have to submit a Dual Enrollment Application for every term or be limited to two courses. You will also become eligible for the South Bay Promise, financial aid, and/or priority registration. View the Timeline for New Students for more information.


The terms Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment are sometimes used interchangeably to indicate K-12 students enrolling in college courses. Dual Enrollment is the preferred term.



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