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Faculty Development Committee

Mission and Purpose

Collegial Consultation Related to Faculty Development:
Board Policy 2510, Participation in Local Decision Making, indicates that the El Camino College Board of Trustees will normally accept the recommendations of the Academic Senate on academic and professional matters, including “policies for faculty professional development activities.”  If the Board disagrees with the recommendation of the Academic Senate, representatives of the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees must reach “mutual agreement,” without which no changes can be made.  

Mission Statement
:  The El Camino College Faculty Development Committee provides opportunities and support to promote instructional excellence and innovation through faculty collaboration.

The Academic Senate’s Faculty Development Committee represents the faculty regarding policies for faculty professional development activities.  FDC responsibilities include:

  1. Identify faculty professional development needs and develop objectives to effectively meet faculty needs.  For example:
  • Collaborate with the Professional Development and Learning Department to design, organize and implement mandatory professional development events (e.g., Professional Development/Flex Days in Fall and Spring semesters).
  • Encourage ongoing and integrated faculty learning opportunities (e.g., Faculty Inquiry Partnership Program and goal-setting, newsletters, and other follow-up events related to Professional Development/Flex Days).
  • Assist in the development, implementation and interpretation of faculty professional development needs assessments.

  1. Participate actively in the collegial consultative process regarding policies and procedures related to professional development and flex credit.  For example:
  • Through the Faculty Development Committee Advisory, consult on appropriate professional development activities for which faculty earn flex credit.

  1. Promote instructional excellence and innovation through faculty collaboration.  For example:
  • Each year, implement Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award with a cash award funded through an endowment.
  • Create opportunities for faculty to participate in innovations such as The Great Teacher’s Seminar and the Faculty Inquiry Partnership Program.
  • Encourage scholarship through initiatives such as the Faculty Book Club and the Writing Club.

  1. Represent faculty interests regarding professional development related to campus-wide initiatives.  For example:
  • Participate in planning process for Student Success and Support Programs (SSSP) and Student Equity Program (SEP).
  • Develop strategies and programs to support campus-wide initiatives (communications to faculty, events, and resources).

  1. Support Academic Senate initiatives, especially those related to faculty professional development.  For example:
  • Review Academic Rank structure and, each year, recognize faculty experience and training.
  • Support morale of all faculty, including adjuncts with events such as the Getting the Job workshop series.




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